Preschool Coop Group

Welcome!  This group is currently not running.  We have moved out of the original group area & also have sent our oldest off to public schools.  We had a third new little one in early February of 2017.  Perhaps in Fall of 2018 I will be back on my feet enough & know the new area well enough to put a group together again.  It was great fun for all involved & I do miss it so.........

-Cooperative, educational & social group
-Children ages 2-6 with a participating adult
-Siblings outside of the age range welcome if adult with them can adapt for or entertain them while still helping the child in the age range
-1st and 3rd Mondays monthly from 9AM-11AM
-Free group but participants are asked to help by taking turns leading/planning activities and contributing/preparing supplies for projects and snack
-Location within 45min's or less of our home for field trips or at participating members homes & community spaces
-RSVP required at least 2 days advance of the group day so that we have enough supplies and plan appropriate activities
-To participate, please email Jill via regular email or personal Facebook email with the ages of the children that you are bringing.
Thank you. We hope you can join us!