Private Lesson Payment Policy

Current Students
Bring payment to the last lesson of the month if the student is continuing lessons.

New Students or Seasonal Lesson Schedule Change
Reserve a lesson slot by paying for 3 lesson books if needed and 2 lessons which is $80.  Student books are ordered once payment is received.
$10 per book = $30
$25 per half hour lesson = $50

Bring an envelope of cash or check to 414 North Plain Road, Housatonic and leave it on the little red table inside the front kitchen porch door (Next door after the red studio door)
Mail to Jill Wheat, 414 North Plain Road, Housatonic, MA 01236

Lessons are paid monthly on the last lesson of the previous month.  Please bring payment to the last lesson of the month.

Private Lesson Rates

$25 – Half Hour Lesson or Shorter
$40 - 45 Minute Lessons
$50  – Hour Lesson

Payment Methods

Write Checks To
Jill Wheat

Private Lesson Payment Policy & Cancellations/Holidays
Paid monthly and one week in advance on the last week of the month. This helps to ensure student attendance & courteous student cancellation notice. A day in advance cancellation notice is necessary to receive a make-up lesson which must occur 5 days or less after the missed lesson. In the case of sudden illness, an email or call on the lesson day may also receive a make up lesson within the next 5 days. Friday afternoons are reserved for make up lessons. Lesson payment will not be rolled to the next lesson date.

Teacher/Weather/Holiday Cancellations
There are no lessons when area public schools are closed for inclement weather or have early release for the same reason. Regular school holidays and no-school days may have lessons if planned in advance. Group classes will have a cancelled class day made up at the end of the session as an additional class. If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, the payment will be rolled to the next unpaid lesson unless a make up lesson has been offered.