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Family Gathering Organizer!

Thank you, Trysha & Damian.  We had a great time!
Thank you all!

Important Details:

Christmas is on Monday in 2017

Just ideas below...........it is yet very early

Wouldn't you all like to visit at the Wheat's new house in MA?
(about 1.5 hours from Ballston Spa)

Perhaps the Saturday  or Sunday before Christmas?

11AM Saturday or 2PM Sunday?

Gifts After Food??

Host Address:

Specific Directions:


Gift Swap List 2017:

Food Sign Up Chart - Hmmm, I wonder what type of food we will have for 2017??
Email the email chain or comment at the bottom of the page here and I will update the chart.


 Trysha & Damian
 Cathy & Carl In Seattle
 Harold In Seattle          
 Beth, Sarah & Anne In Seattle          
Miles, Jill, Ruth, Tommy & Betsy   
 Barb & Rand  

 Phoebe & Don  

 James & Chelsea    
 Betsy & J.D.           
 Emily & Joe
Mara & Jude