Child Care

Jill Wheat will be available to be with your child from 7AM until 4:30PM during public school calendar days.  Jill is an ECE certified preschool teacher but our home is not ECE certified. She is also a Massachusetts Department of Education certified prek-12 music teacher. From 7:00AM until 4:30PM is $40, from 7:30AM-4:30PM is $35 & from 8AM until 4:30PM is $30. The half day rate of opening until noon or 12:30 until 4:30 without lunch is $20.

Food is provided but not milk for still nursing little ones.  Send your child with enough pumped or formula milk to make it through the day's worth of nursing. 

All diapering materials including wipes need to be brought in with the child. 

Below is a general day's schedule.............that is not always followed:

Breakfast: 8AM
Toilet/Wash Hands/Free Play: up to 9AM
Circle Time: 9 (Good morning song, day of the week, weather, today's activities, color/letter/number/shape/animal of the day/week)
Guided Project Prep:
Art/Science Project: 9:30
Clean Up/Bathroom/Snack: 10:15
Guided Free Play or Outside Play: 10:30
Music Time: 11:15-Noon
Bathroom: Noon
Lunch: Noon-12:30 or so....
Nap Prep: 12:30 or so to 1PM (stories, bathroom, brush teeth.....
Nap/Quiet Time: 1-3ish or so...
Snack/Bathroom: 3ish or so with educational music video
Free Play or Outside Play: After Snack
Clean Up: 3:50
Possible short walk or stroller ride
Circle Time: 3:50-4 (Good-by song, review of our day)
Ready for Home: 4
Those not picked up at 4 have free play until pick up by 4:30PM
Later pick up time is available for an additional fee of $5 per half hour past 4:30PM.